Board of Directors

David Washington

Chairman of the Board

A retired Fire Chief in the City of Las Vegas. Mr. Washington has extensive experience in city government, urban affairs, business administration and economics. Mr. Washington has received numerous awards for his support of private and public programs in Southern Nevada and serves on many boards.

Charlie Bradshaw

Board Secretary/Treasurer

Mr. Bradshaw is a Certified Public Accountant and has more than 20 years’ experience in accounting. Currently he serves as Chief Financial Officer for Community Development Program’s Center of Nevada.

Arletha McCovy Stevens

Board Member

A retired Clark County School District employee with over 35 years of service within the District. Mrs. Stevens is committed to her community and continues to serve by working with the NAACP Executive Board of Director.

Frank Hawkins, Jr.

Executive Director and Founder

Mr. Hawkins has many years in business, government service, and community participation which gives him expertise and insight into the needs of the community and community development projects. His work focus is low income and minority residents of Las Vegas. Mr. Hawkins works diligently for the first time homebuyers programs and for housing projects funded by private and public partnerships. He is a former City Councilman (1991-1995) and previously played with the NFL’s LA/Oakland Raiders (1981-1988).

Board meetings are held regularly. If you wish to submit a proposal to the Board of Directors please contact CDPCN’s Administrative Office at (702) 873-8882, ext. 111. All submitted information will be reviewed. Materials may not be returned.

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